Case Studies


Ladye Nepia

My name is Ladye, I am 20 years old. When I was 8 years old I got knocked off my bike.

I was thrown up onto the bonnet and we think my head hit the windshield, then I was carried 20 metres until the car stopped and I fell to the ground. My family heard the bang and came out and I was unconscious. The neighbour rang the ambulance and Nan stayed with me and I was in hospital for about a month and my leg had to be operated on. I received a metal rod in my leg and staples. I then had to learn to use the crutches but still used the wheelchair when I was tired or sore, they did a scan on my head and saw my brain was damaged and I have epilepsy now.

When I went back to school, everything sucked. At first people felt sorry for me until I could walk again then people didn’t understand that I had changed. I didn’t know how to socialise anymore, the school work was really hard I couldn’t understand what the teacher wanted I had to get more help. In high school I got bullied because people didn’t understand me and I went to two high schools but it didn’t get better so I left. It doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with me so people thought I was an easy target.

I’m tired all the time it’s hard to get up in the morning, remembering stuff is hard for me, change is really hard for me. When I get told something I sometimes don’t understand so my family or my support people have to explain it to me.

I can’t work, I go to the Stewart Centre @ EIT, they work with people who have a Brain Injury, I catch bus because I am not allowed to drive, I go to the Brain Injury Association, Hawke’s Bay, my nan helps me a lot with the day to day stuff that I can’t do myself.

I want to work with animals or old people, and with help I am learning how to be independent, So I am succeeding through life with my Brain Injury.

From Alma Nepia, Ladye's Nan:
It is hard not just on Ladye but on the whole family, we have all had to adjust our lives. My biggest message would be to make sure kids are wearing their safety gear when riding scooters, skateboards and bikes, people need to realise that Brain Injury happens to the family not just the person with the injury. Support those suffering from Brain Injury and their families today.