#Blackout for Brain Injury

The campaign #Blackout for Brain Injury is a chance for people to think about the impact of Brain Injury and team up with us to start a conversation and lift the stigma that can sometimes be attached to suffering a Brain Injury.

We challenge you to get your workplace, school, sports club, friends and family on board and get involved!! Check out this page for the two simple steps you need to take to be a part of #Blackout for Brain Injury plus register your involvement so we can make sure we share your contribution with Hawke’s Bay.

Step 1: Awareness Activities for #Blackout for Brain Injury Day


It’s easy… everyone involved are encouraged to wear BLACK and to add the Blackout frame on social media.
We also want to encourage people to be posting about their involvement on Facebook, Instagram etc and on their websites.

  • The Facebook frame can be found by going on Facebook selecting add a frame then searching – blackout for brain injury (any combinations similar to this will also find it, and then clicking add frame – we want them to do this on Friday 20th September 2019.

  • Also post as much as you like about your involvement leading up to and on the day. We also really want to encourage you to use hashtags #blackoutforbraininjury and #braininjuryhb

  • Posters can be downloaded from the resources page. But if you want to order some then please get in touch!

Step 2: Fundraising Ideas
If you can help this way too that would be great!

  • Office Challenge – get people to sponsor you type thing

  • Raffle

  • Bake Sale

  • Sausage sizzle - just make sure they aren’t BLACK

  • Face painting - ALL BLACK

  • Fashion show - Theme BLACK

  • Fill room with BLACK balloons and try and “pop for prizes”

  • A night in with NO electricity in your club or home - Total BLACKOUT

Highlights of last years campaign.

Step 3: Don’t forget to REGISTER your support for #Blackout for Brain Injury Day

Name *
Name of Workplace, School, Sports Club, Friends and Family on board
Phone *
Brain Injury Association want to be able to thank you so providing your details we will be able to get back in touch with you.

We want to thank our past and present key supporters!

In the media…

HAWKE'S BAY TODAY 'Blackout for Brain Injury' campaign set to break down stigma

Why donate?

All donations raised help support the Brain Injury Association continue to provide education, support and lifestyle programmes to people with brain injuries and their families/whanau.

Need to talk to someone about the fundraising campaign?

If you need to talk to someone please contact Dee Withers T: 06 878 6875 ext 2 or email liaison@braininjuryhb.co.nz